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Empowering Survivors of Childhood Trauma

to not only Survive but Thrive.

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Healing begins when you learn to connect with your breath & honor your body from a place of compassion.


Childhood trauma can change the architecture of the brain but there are ways to heal & incorporate practices to move peacefully forward.


As we untangle the ties of trauma, we can connect with our divine nature & thrive in our personal power.

"This class has been amazing. I have been given such a gift in being able to attend, participate and grow through this experience. From herbs, to crafts, to mindfulness practices, to self love, it has all been exactly what I needed and to some degree knew in my soul but did not know how to utilize. I am so much more comfortable incorporating herbs into my daily routines, whether in teas, cooking, baths or meditation. I am no longer “afraid of doing it wrong”. This is huge for me. I have discovered that I AM creative. To let go of self judgement and ridicule is wonderful. What I produce will not be like anyone else’s but that is the amazing and beautiful thing about it. We all have our own beauty to share with the world. Adding mediation to my daily routine has helped me to grown in so many ways. I admit that sometimes I do not like the growing pains, but the end result is so much bigger that I could every imaging so I have learned to appreciate every step of the journey with gratitude and faith. Allowing myself time for “Self Love” has become my most favorite part of my week. This is usually a very beautiful bath with candles, music, herbs and essential oils. I also use this time as meditation and clearing. This class has given me so very much and has been a huge part of my growth over the last year. I am truly grateful for the knowledge that was shared so freely with us. I am in a better place each day because of it."

Kimberly F.

"This beautiful program has helped me focus on my self care and tune more deeply into nature. I've become fascinated with all the beautiful gifts our Mother provides us. The gems and minerals stir something deep and ancient inside me. They are so grounding and solid. The trees help me breathe more deeply and teach me about resilience, death and rebirth. The plants, herbs and bushes offer natural healing properties for our ailments. I have expanded my confidence around using herbs in tinctures and herbal cooking. I can no longer just buy a product whether it be a box or canned food, a bar of soap or shampoo, healing salve, etc. without thinking "what's in this? can I make it?" This is a huge gift! I am much more tuned into the cycles of nature and have learned to slow down and connect more deeply with my spirit and divine guides. I also have two new awesome goddess sister friends! <3"

Susie P.

Inner Wisdom Library

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Alchemy for Humankind:

Module 1 ~ The Body 

 Connect with your body, learn to appreciate & honor the beautiful vessel that your shine within. Through simple poses, dance, meditations & movement inhabit each cell. Learn techniques for clearing, renewing & recharging your Chakras.

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